• Stress

  • Stress is not always bad for us.  Stress is good for us when it is at a level we can manage.  Stress is good for us when we understand its source. Most importantly, stress is good for us when it motivates us to solve some important problem in our lives.  Often, stress is a great way to get things done. On the other hand, stress can be highly toxic, physically, psychologically and socially. Stress is toxic simply when it overwhelms our coping resources and when it leaves us stuck instead of motivated.  

    Stress management is an important aspect of most psychotherapy situations, and often is a central focus.  Stress management usually involves a combination of strategies involving: developing high level goal-setting skills; developing more flexible coping resources; making new insights to unstick us from repetitive self-defeating habits; and practicing radical acceptance and high level self-care techniques when we are genuinely stuck in a crisis that has no good solutions.